10 ways to Sponsor!

Hi team. Did you know there are 10 ways to grow your team? I’m going to teach you how to become a people magnet!

Sponsoring takes daily action! We plant seeds, nurture and harvest!

So here we go 10 ways to find recruits for your team.

1. 100 list.

This is a MUST!!! When you join this business write a list of 100 names from your warm market (friends, family, neighbors, work colleagues).

We then work our way through messaging each person using the 3 C’s method. Crazy, Compliment, Confidencd!

Hi ……. how are you? I know this is totally crazy but I think you’d be amazing at what I do! You take great selfies and get lots of likes! Would you be interested in finding out more?

Voice note is better than messaging so they can hear your voice and excitement!

Then if they answer with an excuse we use the 3 F’s method. Feel, Felt, Found.

I totally understand Hun, I felt the same way before I joined but I found ………..

2. Growing your friends list.

Family, friends, neighbors, work colleagues, friends of friends, school friends, mutual friends, network marketers, bloggers, hairdressers, nail techs, salon owners.

Thank everyone who accepts your request.

Like and comment on their posts to start building relationships.

Growing your friends list is a daily task. As you grow your friends list add them on to your 100 list. This list needs to grow daily!


3. Customers.

Do you have customers who place large orders? Or who order monthly? Offer them they opportunity to join and purchase through their own website to gain discount for their family and friends.

Maybe you have some customers who really want to purchase but can’t really afford to. Offer them the opportunity, maybe extra income would be useful and the opportunity to have free makeup and life long discount!

4. Parties!

Everyone should be doing online parties they are a godsend for this business. It’s the easiest way to grow your friends list, sell and recruit!!!

At the end of every online party thank them with a video and offer the opportunity. They are so much fun, let them know they could do this too.

Home parties – again end the party with offering the opportunity.

Hostesses –

1. Flip the party, before you put orders through from her party let her know what commission she would earn if she signed up and put the orders through her own party link. And she would still get the same y cash and half priced items. And lifelong discount….. Winner!

2. After the party had finished let the hostess know how much commission she would of earned if she was a presenter from her party orders.
5. Network Markers.

Obviously we aren’t going to spam network marketers. Instead we are simply going to make friends and build relationships with them.

Product swaps are great too! So we need a best friend in every company lol. Maybe the Scentsy lady would like a mascara? And you would like a candle!

Remember it’s not what you know, it’s who you know!
6. Business pages!

Business pages can take a while to master! Become an expert and research how to make a page successful.

Don’t boost posts, promote them instead so you can put a thorough search on who you want your posts to target.

You can even exclude Younique Presenters so your not paying for them to click on your advert.

For a business page to work unfortunately we have to pay or only 7% of your audience see your posts.
7. Hobby groups.

This is my favourite as it attracts people with similar interests to you! And you can work better with like minded people. This is a daily task to interact and grow friendships. Don’t spam!  Just make friends. As you do add them to the bottom of your 100 list. We should add people to that daily.
8. Out & About! 

  • Wear the makeup!
  • Wear branded clothing.
  • Get car stickers.
  • Blitz cards.
  • Business cards.
  • Flyers (post through doors, put in shop windows)

9. Buy/Sell/Swap Groups.

Hmmmm not my fave BUT if you’re going to give them a go do not spam! No pictures of the makeup, no pictures of the kit! Think out side the box and keep in attractive. Be original!

10. Other social media platforms.

Spread your wings but only when you’re ready. I suggest you learn Facebook first and grow your business there. When ready you can venture on to new sites like Twitter, Instagram, Google Plus, YouTube, Pinterest, Blogging.

Research how to use them. Become an expert to get the best results for your business.