20 Ways to work your business!

I believe in YOU! This business is as simple as it gets. Don’t overthink. Just do!


1. Who has a goal to start a new lash bash/party link with a hostess today?

2. Who is scheduling a on the LASH girls night or Lattes & Lashes coffee at her home this week? THIS WEEK! Do not put this off! Everyone needs gifts! Everyone needs mascara!

3. Who is offering to anyone you know with a small business/big company, to gift gloss or mascara instead of gift cards?

4. Who is offering a lash bash basket? That’s 7 mascaras to go in a cute bag! She takes it to work and had a qualifying party collecting orders!

5. Who is selling on the go today with a set in your bag? Have you placed your order of 5 mascaras to sell on the go?

6. Who is reaching out to 5 men today to say “I’ve got the perfect gift for all of the women in your life!”

7. Who is wearing one eye done and one eye not done?

8. Who is responding when someone says “how are you”? With “I’ve never been better! Absolutely fantastic!” – they reply – oh, wow, why? “Because I’m having a blast with my new mascara biz!” And, then show it to them! Tell her why!

9. Who is posting on your wall AND your own group party to offer a “local order being placed today! Message me by midnight or post below what you need/want and be included for free shipping!”

10. Who is offering up a “local lash run”? “I’m delivering mascara door to door to customers on wed and sat! Message me or post below if you want to end your short lash life and look like this (always include a pic with all of the above!)

11. Who is dropping off business cafe everywhere you go today?

12. Who is calling or messaging 5 friends to say “you are going to think I’m crazy but, you need to do this mascara thing with me! It’s too much fun and you are too much fun and would be great at it. Let’s chat!”

13. Who is placing an order of other Y products today? Investing in your business is investing in yourself! You must use the products to sell them!

14. Who is googling stalls/events today? Your town/city has lots of them! Research it and get them on the calendar!

15. Who is following up? Did someone say they might be interested, but never ordered?

16. Who is following up with every customer they have ever ordered from? “Hey there! Hope you are loving your mascara! Is it time to reorder?  I would love to help you get it for free this time why don’t we set up a lash link for you today to share with your friends. It’s fun and easy! No cleaning of your house necessary! What do you think?”

18. Who is attaching your business page to your personal description of your business on Facebook? Do NOT add “Younique Corporate”. You do not work for Younique Corporate.

19. Who’s ordering business cards today from the back office to help grow your business?

20. Who’s thinking positive? Ignoring the naysayers, believing in yourself that you can keep it simple and consistent?

21. Who’s getting a notebook and adding to your list of 100 names? Feel like you have tapped into everyone you know? You haven’t! Go through your phone A-Z! Your email A-Z. Facebook friends A-Z and Instagram followers A-Z. Who’s stepping out of your comfort zone and trying one of these? How long can you get your lists?


If you are willing to do this daily, you will be Yellow, then Pink, then Blue, then Green, then Orange, then Purple, then BLACK! These are not hard things. They are simple things. They require effort. They take time. The best in the business do these daily. Repetitive. Daily. Actions. Positivity. Live it. Breath it!