Autumn & Winter Training 

It’s finally here 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

Today is the day we do our first ever seasonal training. 

Check out the line up!

  • Welcome
  • Guest video from Louise White
  • Recognising your strengths 
  • Raffle & Break
  • New products
  • Mini facial demo using royalty skincare
  • Mini makeover using the presenters kit
  • How to generate sales 
  • Raffle & Break
  • Autum & Winter training 
  • Halloween brainstorming session
  • Bonfire night brainstorming session 
  • Staying strong over Xmas 
  • Raffle & Break
  • Guest video from Nicola Bishop 
  • Recruiting brainstorming session 
  • Convention experience by Paula Smith 
  • Goal mapping 
  • Announcements 
  • Q&A with Katie Hamer 

Wow wow wow what a day!!!!! 

My seasonal meetings will be – 

  • January – Spring Training
  • May – Summer Training
  • September – Autumn/Winter Training 

Can’t wait to see everyone today. If you couldn’t make it I’ll see you at the next one 😘


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