November Newsletter 

It’s November!!!! 

That means one thing!!!!

It’s nearly Christmas wohoooooooo my fave time of the year, can you tell? 😂

In the sales world our Christmas starts NOW!

But before we get carried away let’s reflect on October and what an amazing month it was. 

Congratulations to this gorgeous girlie for hitting Top Prs in October! That is one huge achievement but nothing new here for Klaudia as she has held the record for a couple of months now! Klaudia is definitely one to watch! 

Shout out to Rachel Clayton building her business in Spain 🇪🇸 I’ve noticed a huge improvement in Rachel last month as she waves ‘bye bye’ to her comfort zone! Keep it up Rachel I’m loving your live videos. 

The lovely Belinda launched a team in Hong Kong 🇭🇰 in October too! Wow!!!! Congratulations Hun I admire your drive to succeed in this business. 

And last but definitely not least congratulations to Sasha for building her team in October! I’m excited for your future Sasha! 

Congratulations to everyone who hit their personal goals! I’ve seen a lot of growth in October, let’s keep the momentum throughout November. 

So……. let’s move on to November 😊

It’s Younique’s 4th anniversary this month!

Still a baby and still the fastest growing mlm company in the world 💪🏼 

Check out this AMAZING kudos 😱😱😱😍

I know every presenter and every customer will want this bad boy! 

I’ve set Team BeYoutiful a cheeky incentive this month too! Who will win? You’ll have to see our next newsletter to find out!

I’ve set Team BeYoutiful a task to raise awareness for our Remembrance Day by wearing red and using the hashtag – #teambeyoutifulneverforget I’ll put a photo collage together if everyone who takes part. Can’t wait to see all of the poppy and red looks! 

Black Friday is Friday 25th of November! I can’t wait to see what amazing offer we will have. IF we get one 😉 will we? Won’t we? 

And again! Cyber Monday is the 28th November! Will we have an offer then too? We will have to wait and see 😉😉😉

So I just want to end our November Newsletter by wishing you all good luck. You can make this month exactly what you want it to be. X


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