Business launch

It’s time to get started! Are you excited?

Week 1 – Set Up

  • Announce new business on your profile.
  • Set up your customer group.
  • Share your group on your profile for people to join.
  • Never add members in without asking first unless they are your warm market (friends & family) that you know won’t mind.
  • Make group invites here’s mine for an example and personally inbox people inviting them with the link to your group.13055051_1010360199044315_7789660264605872101_o
  • As you build your group members, start to advertise your business launch party on the date that you’ve chosen in week 2.
  • On the lead up to the date of your launch party post 3/4 times per day and start to showcase the amazing products your new business offers.
  • In this business we share, we don’t sell. So be creative with your words. No ‘buy now’ people don’t like to be sold to, but they LOVE recommendations!


Week 2 – Launch Party

  • You should now have your kit ready for your party date.
  • Keep consistent in your group posting 3/4 times per day.
  • Plan your party with your upline and use the products from your kit to show the products on yourself by doing selfies and videos. Prepare these first before the party date.
  • End the party showing your kit and what you received from joining the business.
  • Open your party link on your back office on the last day of your launch party.
  • Your party link will be live for 10 days so any orders from your party will receive their products before the link expires and you can get feedback and selfies from them to post into your group and generate more sales before the link expires.


Week 3 – Referral List

  • Now you’ve launched your business with a party and got the products seen you might want to start thinking about team building. Building a team in the early days is a good idea as you can all learn together and have brainstorming calls etc….
  • Build a list of 100 from your warm market (friends, family, colleagues, neighbors).
  • Contact 10 people per day Mon-Fri.
  • Say something like -Hi there, you’ve probably noticed I have been promoting my new business lately and I’m looking into building a team now. Do you know anyone who would be interested? Any mums at home? Students? Anyone in the beauty industry? Or just anyone who would like making some extra money per month? If you could refer 5 people to me that would be great. Thank you xx
  • Then you contact the referrals and say something like – Hi there, I have just recently started my own cosmetics business and ——– recommended you to me, they think you’d be amazing at this. If I sent you some information could you let me know if it appeals to you?
  • Expect no’s you’ll get more of them than yes’. But every no leads to a yes!
  • Keep your list going! As you cross off one person add another on the bottom!


Week 4 – Build 

  • You’ve announced your business and you’ve had your launch party!
  • Now its time to make your business page!
  • When your business page is set up invite all of your friends and get them to invite theirs and so on.
  • Week 4 is about keeping consistent in your make up group and on your business page, I hope you’ve set yourself a nice little routine that works for you.
  • Reflect on your first month with your upline, ask for time management help if needed.


You have completed your first month as a new business owner! Congratulations, I really hope you’ve laid some foundations ready to build from. Good luck with the next months and years to come. Make them life changing!