Coaching Your Team Members

I love my team


You can mentor your team together in your groups, with your posts or by tagging them in training but you can’t coach a whole team together. Coaching needs to be 1:1. Message and offer coaching to your directs. They will then learn from you and do the same with theirs and so on. The beginning of each month is perfect to plan the month ahead together. So message your directs, get into conversation and ask them.

What would be your perfect business month?

This is a great question as it isn’t aimed at one subject like recruitment or sales. Everyone is different their answer could be – my perfect business month would be to get £200 extra a month. Or it could be – my perfect business month would be to get at least £2000 a month. Or it could be quite simple – my perfect business month would be to get 3 new recruits.

So now you know what they’re wanting and aiming for you can now offer help!

Ask them – If I help you would you do it?

We can sometimes overload people with training and we don’t know what their daily routines are or if they are really busy that day/week. So ask that question and then make an agreement of when your coaching can happen. This way they will let you know when they are free and you will have their full attention. try to plan 1 week of coaching.


When you agree a time ask these following questions and take notes of their answers so you can prepare your coaching for the agreed time.

1. Tell me what you have tried that hasn’t worked?

2. What have you thought about doing that you haven’t done yet?

3. Where will you find yourself getting stuck?


Then end the conversation and plan your coaching based on their answers. We cant send generic coaching to everyone it needs to be personal. It also needs to be a 2 way street, this is why we ask if they want our help and agree to get a time that you can have their full focus.



The teach to teach method is crutial for this business! Our team numbers can grow at a steady pace or they can explode! Leaving you with hundreds/thousands of people to mentor if you havent got a training method in place.

So from day 1 you need to make it clear to your directs that when they team build their directs are their responsibility. Yes they are part of your team but they brought them into the business, they need to look after them.

This can be scary for someone new! They don’t know what theyre doing yet! They dont know how to train someone up! Thats why we have the teach to teach method so everyone is on the same page and no one misses out on any important information.

So teach to teach means you simply pass down information/training youve been given. For example if I’m your upline and I post some training in our team group, tag your team members in the post comments so they don’t miss it. And maybe make a note in your diary to follow up with your team members in a couple of days to see if they read/watched it, get their thoughts and see if they have any questions.

If I’m your upline and you are Green Status and above then you will probably have yur own team group so teach to teach for you would be to copy posts from my group into yours until you feel comfortable to create your own training.

The best thing about this business is that everything is shared! Honestly you dont miss out on anything thats why its best to not join too many training groups or you will be reading the same posts ove and over again whilst leaders are doing the teach to teach process.



  1. Meet ups
  2. 1:1 calls
  3. Zoom calls
  4. Skype
  5. Google hangouts
  6. Team training groups
  7. Facebook messenger
  8. Facebook group messenger
  9. Facebook live
  10. You tube videos
  11. Attend events together