Creating routine in your business

When you join the MLM world you can find yourself ‘winging’ it for a while. That’s exactly what I did and learnt as I went along.

This year I have created routine in my business which works! And believe me it’s been a lifesaver for me. So I have put the below training together for you to help you find routine that works for you too.

Step 1 – Joining the business / Setup

This step is so important! Success loves speed right so if done correctly step 1 can get your business booming from day 1. Let your upline help you and guide the way.

  • Fill in the sign up form that can potentially change you life!
  • Set up your profile. Nice smiley profile picture of yourself and an inspirational cover photo. This is the place where you will use attraction marketing and guide people to your business page. 
  • Set up a group – you will launch your business in this group. After your business launch you will keep this group and use it as your customer group. This is the place where you will look after your customers privately. Make sure the settings are set as closed. 
  • Set up a business page – this will be added to your place of work on your profile and this is the place where you will work your business! 
  • After set up, post a business announcement status on your profile sharing the link to your group and announcing the date of your business launch that will take place in there.


Step 2 – Kit arrival

  • Upload a photo of the delivery box! Annouce you will reveal what’s inside it in your group (share the link).
  • Record the opening of the box and reveal the contents. Share in your group, or even better do it as a live video in your group!

Feeling shy? Talk to your upline about other ways you can reveal the contents of the kit.


Step 3 – Business Launch Party

It’s time for your business launch party in your group! By now you will have prepped all posts and party material with your upline. Make sure they are added to your group to help you interact. Don’t forget to set up a party link on your back office.


Step 4 – Open House

Organise a open house meeting. This could be through the day when people can come round and check out your kit or it could be a girls night in that you’ve arranged to have fun and play with makeup.


Setp 5 – 100 List

This is n important step because you will keep this list throughout your business journey.

  • Make a list of 100 people from your warm market.
  • Then add people from your cold market
  • Work your way through the list contacting approx 5 per day letting them know about your new business, would they know anyone who might be interested in joining your team and would they like to be added to your customer group.

I find people don’t mind helping you out when you’re new and just getting started so asking for recommendations is a good way to start. Who knows they might even want to join your team themselves!


Business Routine

Daily – Profile & Business Page

  • Morning post
  • Afternoon post
  • Evening post
  • Add 10 friends
  • Check birthdays
  • Network – like and comment on posts
  • Self development


  • Makeup demo videos
  • Makeup selfies
  • Advertise parties
  • Value videos
  • Training videos
  • Join team zoom calls


  • Newsletter
  • Kudos
  • Team incentive
  • Goal mapping


100 List Routine 

You’ll need notepads fot this routine!

As you add 10 friends per day make a note of the ones who accept and add them at the bottom of your 100 list. Month 1 – build a relationship. Like and comment on posts. Month 2 – message them, are they a future customer? are they a future team member? can they recommend anyone?

By keeping note of their names and making the effort to network with them you’ll have an idea on how to approach them in month 2.


Emailing List Routine

Build an emailing list so you can send out a monthly newsletter to your customers. You can create these by signing up to

Content ideas –

  • Product of the month
  • Kudos – offer of the month
  • Your business news
  • Available party dates
  • Your business services
  • How to join your business


Sales Routine

Congratulations you’ve got a sale!

  • Get their email for your customer newsletter and add them to your customer group if they’re not already a member.
  • Thank publicly on profile (tag them) and in your customer group.
  • Add people who like and comment on the post if you’re not already friends with them.
  • Note down follow up days in your diary. See follow up training here –


Recruiting Routine 

Congratulations you’ve got a new team member!

  • Add and welcome them in to relevent team groups.
  • Share this website with them for training.
  • Teach them fast start.
  • Support them in their business set up
  • Support them in their business launch
  • Celebrate any success! (first sale, promotions, first party booking, first team member, first live video etc….)