Finding party hosts and coaching

If you can make online parties a success your business will BOOM not only in sales but with new team members to! I really belive that online parties are the way forward. We can show off our personalities, build relationships and have FUN! Who wouldnt want to join you when you look like you’re having so much fun!


How to find party hosts

***If you are consistent with your business posts and your networking daily I can guarantee you will find party hosts weekly! How many people ask you ‘how much?’ and how many of them then get back to you saying they can’t afford it?

When they say that simply say – Great! Let me get you it for FREE how does that sound?

Boom! You have a host!

***Advertise monthly the dates you have free for bookings! I like to plan my parties for around the 1st, 15th and 20th of every month. Create demand!

***Check on Facebook every day who’s birthday it is, wish them a happy birthday on their walls and inbox them saying you’d love to throw them an online party for their birthday and get them some free make up! Would they be interested?


Hostess coaching

It is important that you help your Hostess have a successful party. This is called Hostess Coaching. By walking your hostess through the process, they will know what to expect, how to do it, and ultimately how to reap the rewards of a successful party. Coaching begins the minute they agree to host a party. Help them to join the Facebook Group or Event that that you created after planning the party. Then encourage them to invite their friends and family to the group or event.

1. Start by explaining to your Hostess why it’s important that she be constantly engaged with guests in the party. The party attendees will feel more comfortable if the hostess is someone they know and love. The hostess’ comments and posts are very powerful because the party guests are her friends, after all, not the presenter’s friends.

2. Coach her to ask questions that will generate interest with her friends. This could be having the hostess post her most embarrassing makeup faux pas and encouraging her friends to post theirs. Ask fun, thought-provoking questions, like: “If you were stranded on a desert island, what one makeup product could you not live without?” Or even a fill in the blank meme with questions about their morning make up rituals. It is fun for the hostess and her friends to get to know more about each other this way.

3. Give your hostess questions to ask you and tag specific friends for an answer.For example, if she has friends that wear false lashes or extensions, have her post a question to you about the benefits of 3D Fiber Lashes and if they are really better than extensions. Be sure to have her tag all of her friends that wear extensions or falsies so they can see the answer and benefit. If she has friends with sensitive skin types, have your hostess ask you what products are best for those with sensitive skin and tag all of her friends that would benefit from the answer. Make it easy on your hostess by providing specific questions for her to ask you.

4. Ask for referrals. Before the party ends, ask your hostess to refer some of her friends who might be interested in hosting their own party. You are going to want to invite everyone she invited to the party to host their own.