Follow Up!

Ok, so first things first is organisation! You should all have a diary/planner to keep track of who you speak to throughout the week, who’s shown interest in joining, who’s shown interest in buying and who’s shown interest in hosting a party.


Here are the 3 top reasons why you don’t follow up!

1. You don’t want to appear pushy. There is no doubt that some sales people are pushy, but people who are successful find a good balance between being too pushy and being too casual. Calling back five times each day is pushy; calling back the same day and following up the next week is not pushy.

2. Sometimes you forget. This should never happen. And won’t anymore now you’ve ran out to buy your planners eh! Use the reminders on your phone if you have to. By getting in the habit of keeping a list of things to do, you will not forget to follow up with potential customers/recruits.

3. You simply don’t know how to. You’re not expected to join Younique and be an expert, don’t worry, ask away, that’s why we are here. Hopefully you’ll feel a bit better after this training.


So your first follow up starts as soon as someone makes an enquiry! If someone sends an inbox, email, text or replies on one of your social media posts it is crucial that you respond as quickly as possible. It has to be on the same day if not sooner! If you are busy or at work I’d suggest sending them a quick message thanking them for their enquiry and you’ll get back to them at …… (the time you’ll be free). If you make a template message saved on your phone so you just have to copy and paste I’d include the flip catalogue link in our back offices too so they can have a look and ask any questions when you catch up with them. Customers expect good service – if they don’t get it from you, they will move on to another presenter.



When you first follow up make sure you thank them for their enquiry, we have to be grateful. And compliment them! This is a must. If you have a minute spare check out their profile and see what they’ve been up to lately. Have they just had their hair done? Has their baby just started crawling? Look for something to compliment. Make them feel special. Plus we want to grow friendships with our customer’s right? It’s important we leave a good impression on them.



Listen! Step 3 is to listen. We need to listen to their needs. This is the same for the sale of a product and for a new recruit. We can’t tell them what they want. We can however listen to their needs and offer them a solution. For example – someone has inboxed you for some information on your business opportunity. Do you dive right in and tell them absolutely everything and tell them if they work 16 hours a day they’ll be on the incentive trip this year??? NOOOOO…. You’ll scare them off!

You could say – ‘Did the incentive trip catch your eye lol, of course I’ll send you some information. If you don’t mind me asking, what are your current commitments? There are many ways to work this business so I’d like to talk to you about the best way we could fit this into your current lifestyle. Then let them reply to you. It opens the window to get conversation flowing. There’s no point telling a mum of 4 who works part time to then book in home parties every weekend. We need to look at how much spare time she has and train her how to build her business online, but use face to face word of mouth in the school playground, at work, at her weekly yoga class etc etc etc…. find out about them! It’s so important to sealing the deal! And they will be grateful they have someone who understands their needs.

Another example – If they have inboxed you for a foundation, be helpful, ask if they need a primer to even out the skin texture for a smoother application. Don’t tell them they need to get this too and a makeup brush, that will put them off. But asking is fine. There’s a difference, never tell, always ask.



So you’ve had your initial enquiry and you replied in good time. If they bought a product or signed up to the business CONGRATULATIONS! Your initial follow up was a success!

If they have said they will be in touch and you’ve heard nothing! What do you do now? You follow up! Don’t think you have failed. So, I usually set a day in my diary every Friday for Follow Up Friday. I then contact people I spoke to the week before. But I keep a list in my diary so I know who to contact.

The most important rule for this follow up is to be busy! Hi hun just checking in to see if you are ready to join? I am doing a new starter team call on Monday I would love it if you could listen in?

Always leave it with a question. For products – Hi hun, just checking in to see if you’re ready to purchase our amazing foundation? If you need any help putting the order through let me know, I could do it for you if you prefer? Offer a solution.


Follow up after a purchase!

7 days after contact to see if they have received the delivery

14 days after contact to see if they are satisfied with their product/s and ask for some feedback & a selfie

30 days after would they like to be added to your monthly newsletter

90 days after contact to see if they need their product/s replacing. Would they be interested in earning these for free by hosting a party?