Quoted by Les Brown ‘80% of self talk is negative. Everything from business, love, school, or even a simple hobby can become affected by the negativity that we allow to brew within ourselves. Getting rid of this negative self talk is often the only thing that holds us back from seeing the success and happiness that we truly deserve in life’. If any of this rings true to you, then let’s take a closer look at a few ways to minimize, if not eliminate negativity from our lives.




To be successful, one of the first things that we must learn to do is to control our minds. What this means is that you should be paying attention to the thoughts that occupy your mind at all times, or as much as you can (If you haven’t read or watched The Secret I highly suggest you do so, it’s absolutely amazing). Doing so will allow you to realize what is happening in your head as well as what triggers your negativity. Witnessing these thoughts and triggers are critical, once you see them you’ll be in a better position to do something about it. Once you’ve identified the negative thought patterns of your mind, it’s time to change them. This step is not going to be easy, but with time and consistency you will find yourself a happier and more successful person. Meditation can be a great way of accomplishing this, but if you find this too difficult, then refocusing your attention on any physical task will also do the trick. This can be anything from cleaning, exercising, to playing video games. The key here is to pay no attention to the negativity of your mind, and eventually it will fade away. Whenever you have a negative thought, remember to think of something great that you have achieved or something that you are looking forward to and then compare it to the thought you are thinking right now. In more cases than not, you will find that the positive thought of your achievements or events you are looking forward to will over power your negative thought, leaving the negative thought so minuscule that it won’t be anything to even sweat over.


Although this may seem harsh, it can be critical to your own success. How many friends do you have that constantly badger you with their problems? These negative emotions and second hand experiences can leave a deep impact on you, and too much of this can cause you to see life from a different perspective. This means that their negativity becomes our negativity, which in turn directly stops us from seeing success in life. If you want to get ahead but feel like something is holding you back, then it may be time to identify these friends and weed them out of your life. Do not worry though, because a happier and more successful you will attract more friends with the same beliefs. It’s true what they say – you become like the 5 people you mostly associate with!


If you are experiencing any negativity let your team members know. We are here to support each other, we get each other, we know why we are here and that we can do this!