White Status Promotion

Huge congratulations to Rachel Clayton for smashing your first promotion on the second day of your website going live!

Rachel lives in Spain and joined Younique when we launched in Spain on the 1st of May. We went live for sales in Spain only yesterday and Rachel has got sales and smashed her first of many promotions on day 2!

Wow! Big things coming your way. Good luck x

Qualified in the first 24 hours of June! 

Check out these amazing ladies! Both have qualified their businesses in the first 24 hours of June! Which means they’ve sold over $125! And let me tell you, they’ve both sold a lot more than that!!! Powerhouses!!!

Starting the month with a bang they are both in a tie with 3 points each towards my team incentive this month. 

I can see some friendly competition happening here ladies. Good luck to you both. Excellent start to the month. 

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June Team Newsletter

Omg how exciting does this month look already and we’re only on the 1st day!!! 

We have released 3 new shades on all of our foundation products! They are called Chenille, Suede, and Gorgette. Touch Mineral Powder, Touch Mineral Cream, Touch Mineral Liquid and Touch Mineral Concealer will all have the 3 new shades! Wow!!!

To celebrate our new shades we have released a Foundation Bundle for this months customer kudos! These are going to sell like crazy ladies. I hope you’re ready to take your businesses up a notch. 

Selfies using the products and makeup demos will be the best way to showcase the products. Get creative! Let’s see how the products work, the application, the benefits and the ingredients. Our customers won’t know unless you tell them. 

Check out the bundle…..

Also today, sales go live in Spain!!!! Wohoooo! Good luck to Rachel Clayton who is my first founding presenter in Spain. To follow Rachel please click here.

What’s happening for the Glamourize Dolls in June?

So this month I’m trying out something new. We’re going to do self development together and read one chapter at a time and then discuss the chapters on certain dates. Our book this month is girl code! So excited for this!

Shout out time! 

Well I am absolutely over the moon for my girl Sasha Ella Smith who personally sold the most products in May. Congratulations hunni I am so proud of your success. To follow Sasha please click here.

Check out these beauties!!! These amazing ladies all grew their teams in May congratulations to you all I just love watching your journeys. 

Top left we have Claire Baumber, top middle Adele Pitman, top right Julie Cutts,  bottom left Leanne Richardson and bottom right Terri Waterhouse. 

To follow them just click on their names. 

I am pumped and ready for June. I can feel it’s going to be a good one. Let’s smash it together ladies! Good luck everyone. X

Party Queen! 

There ain’t no party like a Younique party! 

Leanne Richardson aka The Makeup Mermaid finished May in style with a party! 4 hours work and £482 later I think that’s what we call success!

Leanne is a Blue Status Presenter and she has built an international business by sponsoring in various countries. 

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Top 10 Tuesday! 

It’s top 10 Tuesday and it’s the last day of the month so it’s the final count of May! Let’s check out my leaderboards….

First up, top 10 prs earners which is their personal sales. 

Next up, is top 10 team leaders. 

And last but not least, top 10 in sponsoring!

This is an amazing achievement to be in the top 10 of over 2300 Glamourize Dolls! Congratulations everyone! 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

Bye bye comfort zone! 

Samantha Jeffries joined my team when we first launched in 2014. Just lately I’ve noticed her confidence shining through as she makes makeup demos for her customers. And she looks to be having lots of fun! 

This is exactly what our customers love! Real results on real people. Congratulations Sam I love seeing what this company can do to us as people as we uplift, empower and validate each other. 

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Welcome to The Glamourize Dolls blog & training website.

How amazing is this! Our very own team blog! Inspired by my amazing team of course. In our 19 months so far as a team we’ve celebrated so much success that I wish I’d of made this blog sooner. But better late than never….

This time next year this blog will be full of success stories from welcoming new members, promotions, monthly top sellers, monthly top recruiters, incentive winners etc etc etc…. We celebrate absolutely everything! And now it will all be saved here to look back on. Like a team diary lol. Love it! 

Keep your eyes peeled, make sure you’ve hit the follow button and get ready to watch our amazing journey as a team.