Setting up a business page

Hi! How exciting you’re ready to set up your business page! Click here to begin.

  • Profile Picture – I always recommend being the face of your own business. But the great thing about a business page is you can use products if you want to because it’s your business page and not your profile. This is great for people not fully confident yet. But I advise to use your gorgeous smiley face 🙂
  • Cover Photo – Attractive make up, motivational quote, make up quote.
  • Invites – Invite everyone on your friends list and get close friends and family to invite theirs.
  • Brand yourself – You need a name or hashtag that you can use on all of your posts so whenever it’s searched it leads back to your business and people think of you when they see it.
  • Photos – Edit your photos! Make them yours and eye catching!
  • Like 4 like groups – I find some people like these groups and some people don’t. I personally do, they get our likes up which makes our pages look more successful.I also use these groups to my advantage. I get likes from all over the world and I usually receive inboxes from my new likes asking me to give their business page a like in return which I do. I have a nosey and if they are from any of the countries we are launched in I start to network with them. If they are with another mlm business you could do a party swap, they do one for you and you do one for them. If they sell things you might want to use in future as gifts maybe team incentives let them know! Be interested in them and grow that relationship. It’s good to be friends with people from other companies as they might recommend you to people and visa versa!
  • Likes – All likes wherever they have come from I message them and thank them for liking my page! Something like this – Hi there, thank you for liking my page your support means the world to me. If you have any questing regarding products or my business opportunity feel free to contact me 🙂 I message new likes daily but if your busy note them down in your diary and thank them weekly so they don’t mount up.
  • Posts – The best thing about business pages is that you can schedule your posts! LIFESAVER!!!!
  • Offers – Post our kudos in the offers section monthly. There’s an offers option where you go to post a status.
  • Prices – I never put prices as we don’t sell, we share the products. So we want people to comment and inbox us. If you put too much detail they have nothing to ask 😉

I hope these tips help, I try make my business page fun too with a mix of positive quotes, funny pictures, products posts, business posts, team posts, make up tips, even hairstyles! Mix it up to grow your audience and keep it entertaining. Your page is public for the world to see!

But my biggest biggest tip is selfies, make up demos, videos of YOU! That’s what people love seeing you and not a model.  Also post consistently every day yur business needs to look ‘open’.