Setting up your customer group

Hi! Time to set up your customer group! We need a group so we have 1 place where we can really look after our customers and keep them all in one place. Customer groups are more personal than business pages so they are highly recommended.

  • On your Facebook newsfeed, scroll down and on the left hand side you will see groups. Click create a group.
  • Select closed group so members of the public can find you but they can’t see whats posted inside.
  • Click edit group settings and tick to approve posts and members.
  • Set an attractive cover photo, products or make up quotes.
  • Add people from your warm market who you know won’t mind being added. So close friends and family first.
  • Personally invite other members by inboxing them.
  • Never add people in without their permission.
  • As you get customers from other places thank them for their order and ask if they would like to join your VIP group so they don’t miss out on future offers that you offer your customers first!
  • We can’t reduce products or do competitions publicly on our profiles. So our closed groups are great places to do giveaways, competitions, sell stock you have at home, offer samples and put on your own offers.
  • Post in your group consistently and keep it fun so a mix of things other than younique. But keep it makeup/beauty related as that’s what your members are there for.
  • It takes time and dedication to build a customer base. It’s something we never stop doing we bring in new customers all the time so interact with your members and grow relationships with them.
  • Striclty no sales posts in here it must always be sharing so the more demos and selfies of you the better. Photos of your kit and stock are great too. Videos talking about the products/application/ingredients are also a good idea.