Hi team! So chances are, you joined Younique because you love the products, and saw an opportunity to share what you love with others. Then you started talking to everyone you know, assuming they would love it as much as you do. How could people not just flock to join your new team, as excited about the product and opportunity as you were???

I’ve put together a few things that we need to keep in mind.

1. Mindset! First things first! Your mindset and attitude make all the difference. If you don’t show your excitement and passion for your business and the opportunity, you really can’t expect anyone else to be excited about it either. Why would someone choose a mentor/sponsor who is only lukewarm on the company or opportunity? However that doesn’t mean be an absolute crazy woman who has forgotten they had a life before Younique!

2. Prepare! Younique are amazing for training materials. We can order Blitz Cards from our back offices or we can make our own. I have made my own opportunity packs and welcome packs if you’d like to see them for ideas just ask. I like to do these by email so I can keep their email addresses to update the potentials with any exciting news.

3. Set goals! Set goals of how many people you will talk to, or follow-up with each day/week/month. Hold yourself accountable to those goals.

4. Know your products! Your website is your online shop, know your products and the prices. Nothing will kill your leadership crediblity faster than not knowing your own products. Spend time familiarizing yourself with your products, pricing, and anticipating questions that may be asked, such as what are your products made of, where are they made, or how fast/how much is shipping. Never say you don’t know. If need be, say you’ll look that up and get back to them.

5. Listen! Listen to what people say in general conversation. They might talk about money problems or low self esteem. You can then offer them a solution. You need to listen out for their needs.

6. Say I! Use phrases that draw people in and invite questions, such as – I love what I’m doing, I love the flexibility, Our commission plan is so awesome, My team and upline are so incredibly supportive. Avoid phrases that push people away, such as YOU could earn, YOU should join, YOU would make. Your own enthusiasm will draw people in, rather than appearing pushy and off putting.

7. Believe in yourself! No doubt, we are our own worst critics. And no’s can be very hard to hear – especially many in a row. This is when you have to be brave, believe in yourself, and KNOW that the right person will come along. There WILL be someone who loves your business as much as you do, and you will share your opportunity.

8. Wear your products! You are the face of your brand. Smile and wear the products! When you get a compliment whip out a sample and a catalogue 😉

9. Build yourself! Build your online presence. We have Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Google Plus etc…. the bigger the audience the better!

10.Think big! When I was in pre-launch before we even started I developed training materials, held team calls/meetings, and generally acted like I already had a team, by putting the processes in place early, I didn’t wait to be successful, I decided to be successful from day 1. Be successful NOW! It attracts. People want to join people who are confident.




If you’re not consistent then you’re none existent, you need to be active and post daily on social media and be actively promoting your business to everyone you know. How do be people know you’re in business if you’re not telling people about it?

Sponsoring is about building relationships, and attraction marketing! Get to know people and what makes them tick firstly before mentioning they can join your team!

People are watching you every day on social media, it may take 6 posts or 6 months before someone asks for information about joining but secretly they have been watching you, they want to know you are consistent and a solid person if they go ahead and choose you as their leader. They have been watching every post you publish, they won’t ask there and then about your business but will wait for that one post that really pulls at their emotions and they will then know you more and think YES I CAN DO THIS!!!

BIGGIE: A large part of being consistent is not joining every business out there if your goals are to become a leader with Younique. If they see you joining ‘every new business’ that won’t fill them with confidence that you are going to be there for the long haul with them aswell.

If you’re a keen seller with a few companies this does not apply to you 😘we welcome everyone. This is aimed at people who want to become a Black Status Leader.



Ask people to send people to you as customers. Your customers will be your biggest cheer leaders and probably be the first one’s to join your business!

Tell them about your referral scheme, not got one? Create one!

People are not psychic so let them know you would love them forever more by recommending you to their friends and family. Like we recommend people go to the cinema to watch a movie or eat at the newly opened restaurant… if our friends are raving how good they are we are 90% more inclined to go due to what they tell us, the difference is we don’t get paid for referring restaurants or movies but we can pay people with fantastic offers for recommending us to their friends! 😉



You want to become your known local Younique lady!

Speak to people on social media, engage with them, ask personal questions, get to know people (don’t mention Younique unless they ask you what you do) just have normal conversations.

Do you have any hobbies or interests? This is the fun part! Just go make some amazing new friends!



I love doing my business gardening and planting seeds, you just don’t know when they will flower and start to bloom, but as long as I have done my nurturing and watered them well, I know that at some point they will flower 👌🏼

On Facebook, in person and at online parties make sure you are plating seeds about your business, not in the sense you say JOIN MY BUSINESS but in the sense that when you talk you say ‘when I joined the business I didn’t think I would have time to sell the product, but I found that the product sold itself and now I get paid to take selfies’ or you could say ‘I love team building as it’s so rewarding to see people earning discount of the products they love but also they grow in confidence and make new friends!’



We’ve seen other techniques like the X3 C TECHNIQUE but I like this one as people want to relate to you to get that connection!

I know how you FEEL….

I FELT the same….


Answer their concerns by being empathetic and putting yourself in their shoes, so answer their concerns by sharing something you also experienced but tell them how you overcome it and what you look forward to in your business now.



This is the MISTAKE in people’s businesses, they never follow up! Make sure that you follow up ever lead and contact!

If you always leave people to get back to you, they never will.