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First of all CONGRATULATIONS on your new business!! I am so honoured you have chosen to join my team.  If you signed up with me I am looking forward to working with you, getting to know you as a person and of course to hear all about your goals! If you signed up under one of my team members, please inbox me and say hi, and of course I would love to hear your goals too!

So where to start right? First of all I want you to scream, jump up and down and then grab a notepad! Write down why you have joined. Yes, you probably already know why, but write a list you’ll be surprised what flows out once you start writing. It might be just extra money at the end of the month, you might be saving for a wedding, you might want Younique to just pay for your family holiday once a year, or it could have deeper meanings. Whatever it may be it’s good to recognise what you’re aiming for. Feel free to inbox me or your upline with these reasons so we can help you achieve them.

Getting Started 

The first thing you want to do on Facebook when you sign up is to set up a business page and a group.

Business Page – Your business page is for advertising consistently. Start by inviting all of your friends to like your page, and get them to invite theirs.

Group – Your group is going to be your customer group. A place where you can post tips, demo videos, fun quotes, and offer prizes/giveaways

Profile – You also have your profile! Your profile is your shop window, it needs to be attractive. Keep your profile 80% your lifestyle as it is now with NO negativity whatsoever. Facebook is now your place of work so it is vital that we remain positive. People LOVE that! Nobody likes a moaner! And 20% business, but in your 20% business we don’t want to turn into a crazy sales lady. We want to share! Keep it simple – OMG my 3D Fiber Lashes have just arrived (photo of you holding the box). Done! It’s that simple. Attract them and they will ask you where and how they can get some.

Business Launch

It’s time to announce the launch of your new business on your Facebook profile. Update your status and announce your new exciting venture. People feed off how you feel so if you’re feeling excited, show it and get them pumped and happy for you.

Work closely with your new upline, we are going to launch your new business with a party! Did I mention we can host online parties in our own names!! And reap the rewards??? I love Younique for this! Click on my office, my parties, schedule a new party and follow the instructions. Party links are live for 10 days so we are going to launch your business with a party in your new makeup group. Feel free to add your upline into your group so they can interact and help you.

Check out the training for your launch party on here too for ideas on how to run it.

What to do when your Presenter Kit arrives

When your presenter kit arrives, before you do anything, post an excited status saying it has arrived! Photos or video to follow…. Then when you open it take photos or make a video of you opening it and showcase it to your audience. Then comes the fun part…. Time to experiment! Have fun and try out different looks. YouTube is full of useful demos to get ideas from.



Let’s cut straight to wages! So as a new presenter you will start on 20% commission, once you hit your 2nd promotion you will have a permanent pay rise to 25% commission. When you hit your 5th promotion which is a leadership title you will move up to 30% commission.

We get paid on our personal sales within 3 hours of the sale completing! And we get paid on our very own Younique Debit Card! Younique have an online bank system with  www.payquicker.com your wages will go into there and it will be linked to your purple card. You can also just transfer the money into your normal account if you find that easier, but this little card is a great tool and conversation starter!

But that’s not all, we also get paid on our team members between 3-6% on the 8th of every month! AMAZING!

You will receive an email from Pay Quicker when you start selling to set up your account so keep a look out for that.






PRS – PRS are your personal retail sales. For these you gain prs points. In America these are dollars but for everywhere else they are points so we all follow the same system. Each product has a prs value. For example a mascara is 29 dollars but here its £23. So for PRS its 29 points.

Company Sales – Everyone in your company.

Qualified Team Member – Direct team member 125 points and above. Circle Sales – Direct team members and their teams who are under Green. Elites – 1st generations who are Green and above.

White – You start as a white presenter and to qualify you need 125 PRS.

Yellow – Yellow is actually the hardest PRS promotion to pass with 1000 PRS needed. But once you complete white and yellow you never have to do them again! And they can take as long as you want to complete.

Pink – Pink and above are monthly targets. Pink is where you start to earn off your team if you have one. We get paid on our team on the 8th of every month. So for pink you need 250 PRS, 2000 company sales, and 1 qualified team member.

Blue – 250 PRS, 4000 company sales, 2 qualified team members.

Green – 500 PRS, 10,000 company sales, 3 qualified team members and 2000 circle sales.

Orange – 500 PRS, 20,000 company sales, 3 qualified team members, 4000 circle sales, and 1 elite.

Purple – 500 PRS, 40,000 company sales, 4 qualified team members, 6000 circle sales, and 2 elites.

Black – 500 PRS, 80,000 company sales, 4 qualified team members, 10,000 circle sales, and 4 elites.

Don’t worry too much now about understanding all of the above, it took me 4 months till it clicked! You will learn it as you go along. Your first step is white, take it step by step.

Fast Start

A little BONUS to work towards is FAST START!!!! If you hit 2000 PRS and recruit 3 team members in your first 90 says you will receive £160 to spend on your website!!!! How amazing is that!!!! You have a Fast Start Tracker on your back office so you can keep track of how you’re doing and how long you have left.


Younique love to reward us and we receive charms for everything we accomplish. Here are your first 3 charms that you will be working towards.

There are all sorts of prizes, offers and incentives along the way too. Believe me there is always something going on which I keep us updated on in my team group.  There are also many ways to work your business which I will go through with you as each individual is different with different commitments and there is no right or wrong way. Any questions please just ask, I am with you every step of the way.

Congratulations again and good luck! Your future starts now!

Vicky xx

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